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When Darkness Falls…

Posted by sabastianwestland on May 22, 2008

The Moon shines upon your face like a long lost lover, greeting you to the slight evening chill.  Walking into your favorite Goth Club, your eyes find the dancefloor where you see beautiful spectres in pvc, leather and lace dancing seductively to Peter Muphys’ I Fall with Your Knife.  You close your eyes and inhale deeply, the  scent of Cloves, Patchouli and Dead Roses invade you.  You find yourself moving to the music and to the  dancefloor, as you arrive you are greeted with hellos and warm, genuine hugs, and all you can say to yourself over and over is, “I am Home…I am Home..”  

This  Beautiful Pirate/Goth inspired outfit has been  designed by the very  talented Swaffette Firefly of SF Design (Innisfree 133,49,537).  The jacket I consider to be the “Heart” of the outfit…look how is drapes on body, and when you walk, the flex is subtle and perfect, the Buttons on the jacket have a very soft  shine to them anchored to soft what appears to be anchor straps..

The  inner “blood” red lining has beautiful fold textures, the “leggings” with the Ensemble are very soft, almost a muted Velvet in texture.  The Boots are wonderful..a soft buttery feel to them, with a slight kiss of shine.  What  I love are the  added details the  large Collar and  Cuffs which are simply beautiful…the Lace shirt is simply stunning..look closely you can see beautiful detail of the fabric.  This ensemble is perfect for club and the open seas. 

My apoligies Dear readers for the Delay in post…SL and RL got  a wee bit  busy, but  all appears back to normal..

As Usual…

Be Safe….Be Happy..and ALWAYS Look Stunning!




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Urban Appeal

Posted by sabastianwestland on April 24, 2008

You  wake up in the late afternoon from a night of  Clubbing, you  stetch  your now sore legs and the sound of the backbeat of the DJs’ Music still in your head.  You turn over, and you  smile catching the still left over scent of that woman you were dancing with, leaning up you look around and you realize your not at your apartment, you  are there alone in her  bedroom with a beautiful view of the bustling city, with only a note on the pillow that contains her mobile number and email address.    






This  Simple outfit designed by the wonderful shop a.C Store (aMAzoniA 140,221,23) is a perfect  ensemble if you want to add a  little color into your look, the soft, college-inspired sweater compliments perfectly the  soft muted pink/purplish shirt that lays underneath, notice how the effect of shadow under the collar really brings it out.  The simple Dirty Dice necklace and the softly worn semi-flared blue jeans adds wonderfully to the whole look.  A great  outfit that you can quickly throw on to meet friends at the coffee house, or hitting the bookstore.

A Side Note…. I want to thank each and every one of you for  contacting me on the Grid and telling me how much  you enjoy reading my Blog, it truly makes me happy you all enjoy it so much *smiles

Until next time..

As usual Dear Readers, Be Safe, Be Happy, and  ALWAYS look Stunning!




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Winters’ Last Blast

Posted by sabastianwestland on April 16, 2008

As the world embraces the soothing warmth of Spring, old man Winter decides to remind us that he is still about,  albeit in a subtle roar.  A Gentleman should always be prepared for any climate change at a moments notice and do it with style.  This casual, but playful outfit is from the great Neko store, GothiCatz Designs (Mechozilla 198,205,42) Notice how the sweater fabric seems to just pop out from the frame, the loose and almost 80’s separate prim neck covering makes it look comfortably worn, like a long held favorite sweater.  The  cross-over belt, subtle but with a little flash mated with the warm, creamy heavy pants make for a wonderful combination, finishing up the ensemble are some classic Combat Boots from that great store The Abyss (theabyss 94, 135, 237) which I believe is a perfect addition to keep the chill away for the last time of the year.

As usual Dear Readers, Be Safe, Be Happy, and ALWAYS look Stunning!



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Into The Air

Posted by sabastianwestland on April 2, 2008

Even though this Aviator Jacket was reviewed earlier by a wonderful Mens blogger, I felt it needed to be shown again.  Designed by TheZoo (Gotlib 42,89,35) the  Tri-play of  of Vintage Air Corp Bomber Jacket , loose cotton shirt and the masculine pilots’ scarf are beautiful to see and wear.  Notice how the wrinkles, folds and shine on the leather, compliment the whole look. 
Adding into the look we have Forms (cannot find the LM at time of posting) ShredR Low cut black jeans for that added touch.  Now,  what kind of pilot would one be without his sidearms.  Here we have guns  inspired by one of my  favorite movies, “Equalibrium” the famous “Cleric” Guns created by  the  incredible Bloodoll Lulu (only availible in SLExchange).  When I happen to come upon the the YouTube Demo of these guns in Action, I lusted for them more than a custom Armani suit.  Absolutely breathtaking in design and style, it has the ”Cross” muzzle flash and YES you have  “Gunkata” poses built into them, they are worth every Linden.  As I told  Bloodoll,  I’m officially her Gunslut!.  Since  WordPress is acting up a bit for me, I’ll cut this short for the time being.  My apoligies for the delay Gentlemen and Ladies, I’ll make it up to you with a another fashion find this week.
Be Safe, Be Happy,  and Always Look Stunning!



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The Devil is in the Details….

Posted by sabastianwestland on March 24, 2008

edo-suit_002.jpgclocks-r-us-watch.jpgedo-loafers.jpgEvery SL Man needs to have some fashion foundations, your favorite jeans, t-shirt etc, and you MUST have at least one nice suit. Case in point..

“Styles of Edo new Blacksuit4” (Styles of edo,MainShop-Tuxedo, S, Tyche (148, 123, 47) mated with his Bit Black Loafers. The suit appears to be a soft but strong fabric accented with semi-shine dark purple buttons, a wonderful twist to a classic cut.
Edo’s suit falls correctly on your frame, and instead of your AV fighting it like many low quality Men’s suits, it “dances” with you. The crisp white dress shirt compliments the classic polka-dotted tie which marries perfectly with the buttons.

Edos’ Bit Black Loafers are shiny without looking plastic, the supple leather is perfectly accented with silver clasps, and  you can see each thread stitch in the Loafer, a true Classic created by one of the best Men’s fashion Designers on SL. For all you new Designers out there, pay attention to Edos’ work (of course NEVER steal his creations) you can tell with each design he puts out that he loves what he does and he is passionate about it.

Looking for a wristwatch, I came upon Lahar Broadway’s “Clocks R Us” (Lifes Treasures (224, 36, 27) I know, do not let the name fool you, this Artisan is a stickler for details to the point of obsession. I purchased the classic Silver Roman-Face wristwatch and I was stunned with the details. The pure white face in which the jet black Roman Numbers appear to be slightly carved into that face. The Hour and Minute hand are stunning, followed by the second arm that dances perfectly with the look. The silver wrist holder and clasp are perfect for the face, subtle, never taking over from the clock. Of course it comes with it own menu which is very user friendly. I am definitely going to be stopping more at Mr. Broadways’ store and I cannot wait for his new creations.

Remember Gentlemen (and Ladies) Details, Details, Details!, anyone can wear a suit, but it is what YOU bring to it.

Be Safe, Be Happy and Always look Stunning!



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Hello Everyone

Posted by sabastianwestland on March 19, 2008


The thing I have discovered that there were not enough SL Men’s-specific blogs out there, the ones out there are indeed excellent in their content and style.

One thing I will have that is different from the other Men’s Blog is that I will be taking photos of Men on the Grid who I feel have a great look and style, as well as do a little interview with them.

In the future, I will also ask the readers of “Fashionisto” to email me pictures of Men YOU deem have a great look.

So this is my humble contribution to the struggle of getting Men’s SL Fashion & Style out into the light. Will there be praises? YES. Will there be Rants? Hell YES!

One thing you will get from me dear readers, is my honest opinion and observation.

Starting on March 24th will be my first official post for “Fashionisto”, and I am looking very forward to it.

Be Safe, Be Happy, and ALWAYS look Stunning.



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